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Production of transit car engines

Kimia Sadr Machinery Company, specializing in machining and manufacturing precision equipment, relying on a set of sublime values, experienced managers, creative and compassionate manpower, knowledge of knowledge and technical capabilities in order to continuously improve processes, services and products and gain satisfaction. The more customers try

Kimia Sadr Machine-Manufacturers Group, with years of domestic and international experience, along with a professional and committed team, is ready to accept and carry out various automotive projects and mining equipment. Also, part of the activities of this group is consulting and updating machines and lines. Manufactured by companies

تولید و تجهیز موتور

تولید و تجهیز موتور

در این خط تولید از ابتدا تا انتها تولید قطعات و سرهم بندی موور خودرو های سنگین انجام میشود