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خط تولید
خط تولید
خط تولید
خط تولید

kimia sadr is your bridge to industrial automation

Kimia Sadr Machinery Company, specializing in machining and manufacturing precision equipment, relying on a set of sublime values, experienced managers, creative and compassionate manpower, knowledge of knowledge and technical capabilities in order to continuously improve processes, services and products and gain satisfaction. The more customers try

در صورت نیاز به مشاوره و راهنمایی میتوانید از طریق شماره های زیر با ما در ارتباط باشید




ارسال ایمیل

Kimia Sadr Machinery Company is ready to provide services in the fields of mines and industrial machinery

Kimia Sadr Machine-Building Group, with years of experience and specialized workforce, is ready to provide services for the construction, improvement and consulting of various industrial systems and machines.

تصویر پروژه معدنی
Mining projects
تصویر پروژه های خودروی
پروژ های خودرو

تجهیزات معدنی

تولید  سیستم مکانیزه
Production of mechanized system
بهبود و بروزرسانی تجهیزات
Equipment upgrades and updates
راه اندازی تجهیزات انتقال مواد
Commissioning of material handling equipment
تولید نوار نقاله
Conveyor production

تجهیزات خودرویی

خط تولید شاسی خودرو
Car chassis production line
خط تولید مکانیزه ماشین الات
Mechanized production line of machines
تولید موتور خودرو های ترانزیت
Production of transit car engines
خط تولید محصولات ایران خودرو
Iran Khodro product line

Part of the services that can be provided to dear customers

Kimia Sadr Machine-Manufacturers Group, with years of domestic and international experience, along with a professional and committed team, is ready to accept and carry out various automotive projects and mining equipment. Also, part of the activities of this group is consulting and updating machines and lines. Manufactured by companies

Design, manufacture and installation of industrial machinery and parts

Investigating, improving and upgrading the level of industrial automation in industries and factories

Consulting and providing effective ways to increase production and productivity of production lines

Support and provide a variety of after-sales services